How to Improve Air Quality in Your Apartment

Living in an apartment can present unique challenges when it comes to air quality. Poor ventilation, lack of control over what your neighbors do, and the need to rely on your landlord for other aspects of air quality can all contribute to a less than ideal environment. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve the air quality in your apartment. Two types of air filters can come with your apartment: the standard AC air filter and an oven air filter.

The general rule for routine replacement of the air filter is similar for a separate house and an apartment. Since changing your air filter regularly can help an apartment's air conditioner run smoothly, some apartment complexes may take care of it for you. If nothing is specified, you can reach an agreement with the property manager where they will reimburse you for air filters whenever you replace them. Apartment air filters are designed to clean the air of common pollutants before it circulates through your home.

Regardless of who is in charge of the change, apartment air filters must be replaced regularly to maximize air quality and HVAC efficiency. Since the air in the apartment circulates more air through a wider variety of units, it is possible that the air filter in your apartment will get dirty faster than one in the house. Another way to control the air quality in your apartment is by using an air purifier. A portable air purifier can remove pollutants from the air when the source of the pollutants cannot be controlled.

If you are in a small apartment, especially in a loft, multiple air purification units may not be necessary, as most air purifiers on the market can cover rooms up to 600 square feet. Along with any health problems that may be worsened by breathing unfiltered air and reducing your energy bill by not having a clogged filter, it is important to change the filter regularly. The existence of any inconsistencies in the air supply should indicate an urgent need to change air filters. Therefore, filters should be replaced regularly to ensure that the air circulation is at peak performance.

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