Where is the Air Filter Located in Your Apartment?

Air handlers are usually tucked away in the closet of your apartment. You'll find a slot with a removable cover on the air handler. Take off the cover to access the air filter. Now that you've located your air filter, you can learn how to change it and start replacing it as often as necessary.

Not only can it improve the air quality inside your home, trapping dirt, dust, and pet dander, but it can also help your apartment's air conditioner work more efficiently. Since changing your air filter regularly can help an apartment's AC run smoothly, some apartment complexes may take care of it for you. Whether you're moving into a new home or always letting the technician handle the work during annual reviews, you need to know how to locate the air filter in your home. Put a reminder on your calendar or choose an easy-to-remember day, such as the first day of the month, so you always know when it's time to change your apartment's air filter.

If you're lucky, the landlord may have left you a couple of extra air filters that you can use as a replacement. If you recently moved or purchased a new home, you may be wondering where the HVAC air filters are located. Replacing the air filter in your apartment is easy; usually, you just have to put it in place or slide it into place. Or, if ordering online isn't your thing, you can buy some air filters at almost any local home improvement store (for example).The rest of this article will look at why you should change the air filters in your apartment and what will happen if you don't.

We'll also explore expert knowledge on a variety of home air filtration topics, including HVAC filters, filtration efficiency, and indoor air quality. But first, let's start with a simple task that is often overlooked: changing the air filter in your apartment. This is something that needs to be done every 1 or 3 months depending on the type of filter you have. The air handler draws air out of the house through the return duct system and then blows the air through the heating or cooling system and returns it back to the house via the ducting system. If you have access to the HVAC system in your rental home, you will generally be responsible for replacing the air filters.

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