How to Choose the Right Size Air Filter for Your Apartment

When it comes to air purification in apartments, size matters. Each unit has a size-specific filter that allows it to work correctly and efficiently. Most air conditioning and HVAC units use standard size filters, but some require the purchase and installation of a custom-sized air filter. If you are in a small apartment, especially in a loft, multiple air purification units may not be necessary, as most air purifiers on the market can cover rooms up to 600 square feet.

But if you live in a larger apartment with multiple bedrooms, it may be wise to consider multiple units or a much more portable unit that can be easily relocated from one room to another. If you have multiple rooms in your apartment, it is easily portable and can be moved from room to room depending on where you need it. As with all air purifiers, it is best to regularly run the Molekule air purifier in your room when you sleep at night, as this is usually the best way to maximize the performance of the unit in the “sleeping breathing zone”. When it comes to choosing the right size air filter for your apartment, there are a few things to consider. First, round up to the nearest inch to create the nominal filter size, which is the measurement you will use when purchasing a filter.

Second, if you have a medium to large apartment (700 square feet or more), an air purifier with a very low CADR number will probably not move enough air to effectively filter out particulates. Third, if you want to test an air filter with a higher MERV rating, talk to your property manager first. Washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting and washing clothes takes a lot of work to keep the apartments and keep your apartment clean. One way to maximize the effectiveness of an air purifier for apartments is to choose a portable air purifier that can be moved from room to room. In addition, position any portable air filter so that its clean air reaches the occupants' breathing area as directly as possible, without obstructions from furniture or the addition of fine particles by common sources such as printers.

Although they differ in some respects, improving the quality of indoor air in an apartment is similar to improving air quality in a house. If you've never tried apartment air filters before, the following guide will help you learn all the essentials so you can breathe a little easier. A new air filter must be installed before moving, but that doesn't mean the owner is responsible for replacements. With these tips in mind, you can make sure that your apartment has clean and healthy air for years to come.

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