How to Check and Replace Air Filters in Your Apartment

Maintaining the air quality in your apartment is essential for your health and comfort. Not only can it improve the air quality inside your home, it traps dirt, dust and pet dander, but it can also help your apartment air conditioner work more efficiently. Replacing the air filter in your apartment is easy, usually you just have to put it in place or slide it into place. If you're not sure where the filter goes or how to place it, contact your apartment maintenance to ask or ask someone to come and do it for you.

A clogged air filter can also cause the air blower to break, which in turn causes the entire HVAC system to break. If the air filter fails to do so, not only will debris pass through and begin to clog your HVAC system, but it will also end up circulating around your house along with the air circulating your system. When looking for an air filter for apartments, there are a few key variables that need to be considered in order to find the best one. But a simple task that is easily overlooked is to change the air filter in your apartment, which is something you have to do every 1 or 3 months depending on the type of filter you have.

Along with any health problems that may be worsened by breathing unfiltered air and reducing your energy bill by not having a clogged filter, it is important to change the filter. From sizes to types, qualities and more, here's everything you might need to know about air filters. It brings expert knowledge on a myriad of home air filtration topics, including HVAC filters, filtration efficiency and indoor air quality. If the air filter is dirty and clogged, it will not allow an adequate amount of air flow through the system. Changing an air filter is one of the easiest maintenance tasks for an apartment once you know where the air filter is located and which one will work best for your system.

A new air filter must be installed before moving, but that doesn't mean the owner is responsible for replacements. If you don't regularly change your apartment's air filters, long-term (and costly) damage to your HVAC system is very likely. To ensure that your HVAC system runs smoothly and efficiently, make sure you check and replace your apartment's air filters regularly.

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